Design graphics in the palm of your hand with Markie

You may have noticed a clear shift in the type of content being generated. Attention spans today last
mere seconds if not minutes. Having an eye-catching graphic is crucial to retaining visitors and
generating traffic. Long paragraphs of text won’t create the type of traffic you want, but Markie’s
graphic design tool is just what can! Currently clocking in at over 500 fresh and exciting graphic
templates to choose from and a comprehensive list of photo editor tools, Markie aims to be your
new graphic designing assistant.
The possibilities of this photo editor app are limitless and still growing! A dedicated support staff
ensures smooth running of the Markie app and also regularly adds new templates to the Markie
database; you’re sure to find a graphic template you like! Create designs online free of cost and
within minutes, inspiration doesn’t reveal itself regularly so make sure you capitalise on it when it
Markie, the image editor for a new generation of marketer, is headed to become one of the best
graphic design apps for android. From basic image editor tools to fully customisable image
properties such as contrast and brightness, we give you full control over your design. You can even
upload your own graphic templates and images to customize and play around with.
The applications of Markie range from everyday use to professional portfolio building. From your
mind to your palm, create designs online and share them instantly! The quickest way to understand
the capabilities of our powerhouse of a design tool, is to try it out for yourself! Markie is an
extremely intuitive and lightweight app, bringing together all your image editor tools in an easy to
use (and great to look at) app. Become the envy of your colleagues and friends as you roll out crisp
graphics, one after the other with superior speed and quality!
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