Social media influence and the effect of Markie’s graphic designing tool

Social media has in many ways become an interchangeable term for the ‘Internet’. Digital marketing
isn’t done as much on websites as it is on social media platforms and apps. Apps such as Instagram
have turned the tide of influencer marketing, which is now a viable career option if you have the
authenticity and the reach to draw attention and traffic. Freelancing is another such career path
available in fields of social media marketing and graphic designing. But whether you’re working from
home or solely on social media, there is a prevalent need for innovative and eye-catching graphics.
Markie is a free graphic design app that bridges the gap between informative content and customer
There’s no need to start from square one; make use of our diverse and ever-growing database of
graphic design templates to create a design online that matches your exact specifications. You can
use your own images and save them directly to your dashboard to create an entire graphic design
portfolio of templates.
Markie provides finely-tuned filters, created by observing popular posts from industry leaders in
graphic designing and influencers with massive reach. Choose the one that suits you best and watch
your posts go viral!
Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a fresh out of school freelancer, you will find our photo
editor equipped with all the design tools you need to create impressionable posts. Control every
aspect from image dimensions to opacity and contrast with the flick of a finger. The Markie interface
has uncomplicated controls and a very interesting design layout created with social media
optimization in mind.
Step into the world of graphic designing with Markie, it’s easier than you thought!
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