The simplest solution to in-house graphic designing for SMEs – Markie

Recently, Sudiksha’s graphic designing has truly been on point. You ask her to design something, and
within minutes she’s back – and with options too! After a bribe of coffee, she finally revealed to me
her secret weapon – the Markie app. The Markie app is fast picking up momentum as one of the best
free graphic design apps for Android, fully equipped with customisable graphic templates and an
extremely easy to understand image editor.
The key feature of any good online photo editor app is variety, and Markie possesses variety in
spades! Not only are there hundreds of graphic design templates in nearly every major category, but
also available are a multitude of photo editor tools. While it takes barely a minute to download the
Markie app, the number of design tools available is staggering! The old adage holds true – good
things come in small packages.
In the rapidly growing start-up culture of today, graphic designing plays a very important role in
digital marketing. A fun or bold graphic placed next to a detailed blog can attract traffic to your site
better than any traditional marketing strategy could. The Markie photo editor creates professional,
ready to publish graphics which can convert any social media page into a treasure trove of traffic.
Markie is enjoying massive surges in its customer base and has been downloaded over 10,000 times
already! For small to medium sized businesses, the Markie app is the perfect solution to zero cost
graphic designing and image publishing. Markie is re-defining graphic designing; there is no longer a
need to hire entire teams of designers when you could just as easily design graphics online within
minutes and in-house!
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