How to stay ahead of emerging graphic trends with Markie

Since its inception, graphic designing has always kept creatives on their toes. This dynamic field sees changing trends every year, every month and sometimes every week! The world relies heavily on visual aids, which means staying updated on the latest design trends is absolutely critical!

The world of graphic design is remorseless, shunning outdated content and shutting down out of touch designers without a second glance. To keep from sinking into the mire of forgotten artists, you need to stay ahead of the trend! Luckily for you, our free graphic design app for Android is just the tool you need!

Markie aims to be your new graphics designing assistant – and here are 5 reasons why!

Graphic Templates Galore

The latest graphic design templates on the market! With over a 1,000 templates to choose from, you will never have to use the same graphic twice. Don’t just stay in touch with industry trends – get ahead of them!

It’s Free!

Our free photo editor will fill any gaps in your designing needs – from template to professional looking socially optimized posts – within minutes! Our filters are the finest around, specifically chosen by observing trending social media posts – and updated regularly!


We have researched and amassed the best design tools from around the world! Design in style and create hundreds of variations with the Markie App! We also provide in-app tutorials and tips to help you achieve the most out of your designs!

Design Graphics

Be the master of your own destiny; full control of all features in-app! Not only can you can design amazing looking posts, but also re-design graphics from scratch. Do it the way you like!


Totally portable and ready to go! Create designs online from anywhere around the globe – at any time! Our powerhouse app is the first of its kind in the market, integrating your graphics and social media needs.

Download the Markie app today and take it for a spin! Available on the google store via

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