Social media influence & graphic designing. A marriage by Markie.

Social media has redefined notions of marketing. Children today have started creating social media accounts as early as 15 years old! A couple of years ago, having a million followers was a sign of popularity and brought with it bragging rights. Today, having a million followers brings not only bragging rights but also cold hard cash! This is the world of social media influencing and unbeknownst to most, graphics designing plays a key role here!

Not enough

Social media influencing is on the rise, but so are the misconceptions associated with it! For example, did you know, every social media platform has its own restriction on size and format? Images need to be optimized for different social media platforms individually!

Simply taking a photo and tagging it with a brand name is nearly not enough to classify yourself as an influencer. Many influencers now use graphics designing apps such as Markie, which provides professional graphic design templates and popular fonts. To take it a step further, Markie can automatically optimize images for different social media platforms and post to them simultaneously!

It’s spreading!

Influencer marketing is becoming an integral part of customer engagement and is expected to start spreading to other social media platforms as well! But as you cross over to new platforms, will your fans follow you too? It’s a question of trust.

Let us for a second refer to Instagram; when a user is browsing through his/her feed, they are more likely to take pause at a video posted by an influencer rather than a sponsored ad. In fact, just seeing that ‘sponsored ad’ line on top of a design layout is enough to make a user scroll frantically past. Remember that your users trust you, and to keep their trust you should be using powerful graphic design templates and creating engaging content!

Short stories. Big impact.

Instagram stories have entirely outshadowed Snapchat! These short stories have huge impacts on traffic and engagement and since the stories barely last a few seconds, first impressions are very important! The best first impression you will get is undoubtedly through bold, professionally designed graphics!

One of the best free graphic design apps for android, Markie is available for download on the Google Play store! Loaded up to the brim with latest design tools and a crisp image editor, step up and take your influencing to the next level with Markie!

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