A complete tool – and proud of it! Designing graphics with Markie

One of the biggest wonders during the age of stone was the utilization of tools! Tools by definition are meant to enhance human capabilities and create efficient practices that save time and money. The way tools are utilized change not only from person to person, but also with time. Markie has brilliantly captured the essence of this as one of the most powerful design tools to date!

Set to take over as your new digital assistant, Markie provides exciting new graphic templates and an impressive list of design tools. Create a design online for free and stun your followers with your latest trend setting masterpiece!

Bigger. Bolder. Better.

With graphic templates like no other, rest assured you are creating the freshest designs out there! We understand how ephemeral the world of content is and work hard to provide you with bold new templates week after week!

Click. Capture. Crop.

People often say, ‘Don’t be a tool’. But we disagree; we aim to be the biggest tool in the market! Our photo editor is as comprehensive as it is easy to use. We observed graphic designers at work and bothered them with hundreds of questions till we perfected our image editor!

Design. Design. Design.
Satiate your hunger for design with our fully customizable templates. Destroy and re-design layouts as you like. Upload your own images and let us work our behind the scenes magic to optimize them for any and all social media!

A good tool can make your life easier. A great tool can transform it entirely! Here at Markie we don’t settle for ‘good enough’, we go for ‘great’! Download the best free graphic design app for android today and start designing like a professional!

To find out more check out our website at: http://www.markieapp.com/

Or download the Markie app from the Google Play store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.markie&hl=en

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