How to: Using Markie to design graphics professionally!

We love the creative and fun ways in which our users have used Markie to create designs online! But for those having trouble figuring out where and how to start, we have designed this helpful guide to using Markie – the best free graphic design app for android. Design graphics on par with professionals in the field and step up your social media game!

You don’t have to start from scratch – but you can!

One of Markie’s most powerful features is its numerous contemporary graphic design templates! These graphics have been designed by active designers in the marketing industry and are updated regularly. You can pick one of our ready to go designs and simply add to it.

However if you have a particular vision in mind, feel free to play around with the template. All components of the graphic can be modified or deleted with our powerful photo editor – so keep what you like!

Your words. Your design.

A good graphic utilizes space and content in a seamless design that can draw a customer in and capture their hearts and minds! A useful tip when including text, is to not utilize more than 20% of the graphic template.

Markie has done the legwork and collated best performing fonts, from social media platforms and marketing blogs. Make use of beautiful calligraphy to create elegant designs or go for one of our bolder fonts to catch your client’s eye – the choice is yours!

Delight your palate with our palette!

It is a common misconception that colours can be distinguished into 7 broad categories (seven colours of the rainbow). In fact, colours occur as a spectrum of light and the number of variations achievable using these ‘7 colours’ are far more numerous.
At Markie we provide you with an entire carousel of colours to choose from. Mix and match different shades and create your own variations!  

Optimize. Publish. Brand!

Share your graphic designs with the world from Markie itself! Choose a social media platform to publish your work of art on and let us handle the rest. Markie optimizes posts as per standards of different platforms. We even have a load of filters, used by the top social media influencers in India!

Download Markie – your new digital assistant, for all your designing needs!



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