The new kid on campus; Markie – your graphic designing assistant

You’ve been rushing to make it to the morning class on time. A hastily done assignment stuffed unceremoniously in your backpack, your parents are calling reminding you to have breakfast and that special someone just sent you a good morning text. It can be overwhelming to juggle so many responsibilities at once, but Markie is here to ensure you don’t slip up! Think of us as your new digital graphic designing assistant.

Social media integration

With a thousand graphic templates to choose from and a comprehensive photo editor tool, you can design your good morning messages within a matter of seconds. And better still, you can share them across multiple social media platforms with the click of a button! You’ll never have to worry about missed greetings again.

But that’s not all! Use the image editor to add our professionally designed filters; the perfect cherry on top of that crazy pic you took last night. And voila – it’s ready to post on Instagram!

Graphic templates for every occasion!

Your parents must have been worrying constantly since you started classes, trying to make your home away from home as comfortable as possible – after all that’s what parents do. You probably want to send them something special to let them know you appreciate them. Right?

Design layouts and pick that perfect graphic template that lets them know you care. Play around with our easy to use design tools to create your personal mother’s (or father’s) day card! Create your New Year, Diwali and Christmas greetings with Markie and leave a lasting impression!

Make your presentations stand out

Design graphics that add a little zest to your power-point presentations, so your fellow classmates don’t fall asleep! Impress teachers with your creative flair and leave them wanting more.

The applications of Markie are limitless, from festival invites and party flyers to professionally designed graphics ready to share with friends and loved ones! Download Markie, your new graphic designing assistant today and start designing!

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