Pointers for graphic designing in magazines 2018

If you have gone through blogs, magazines or websites in the last decade you will be aware of the importance graphic designing plays in every format of content today! Whether in print or in digital format, today’s content revolves heavily around graphic templates and design layouts.

The only constant in a graphic designer’s life is change! From changing graphic designs to responsive layouts, designers need to remain apprised of latest industry trends and include them in their portfolio.

When it comes to magazine graphics and designs – whether hard copy or digital – the story remains the same, adapt or accept defeat!

Not dead yet!

Contrary to general belief, print media is alive and well. Magazines have stepped up their game by making the switch to bold, page-wide graphics and content interspersed between captivating graphic templates.

A lot of magazines have also gone digital, offering e-magazine versions of their popular sellers. But while the digital brethren of print media have completely different requirements, requirement for graphic design remains the same if not more!


Most magazines are supported through advertising partners. Finding the perfect mix between content and advertising can be crucial to selling subscriptions without sacrificing quality. A well designed ad can merge in with content and still provide relevant information!

Advertising in magazines has entered a new era of sophistication. Any graphic templates being used are expected to maintain the same style and theme as the magazine, to ensure they don’t seem like an obvious plug for another company. Smarter readers need smarter advertising, it’s that simple!

Sources of inspiration

We mentioned how graphic designers need to remain ahead of the curve regarding design trends. The best way to do so is by subscribing to helpful designing blogs and websites. There is no harm in taking inspiration from others, as long as your design isn’t an identical copy of the same!

There is also a huge emergence of graphic designing magazines which go into specific detail regarding magazine design layouts. Look around and find your niche!

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